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APGTF Strategy 2014

Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century – Moving Forward

A technology strategy for carbon capture and storage. January 2014.

Available for download here.

Past Events

December 2016:

Workshop: Power generation (coal, gas, and biomass) under increasingly stringent emissions regulations, 6th December.

The presentations are now available to view and download from the CRF website.

October 2015:

Carbon Capture and Storage: What role for R&D in delivering cost-competitive CCS projects in the UK in the 2020's?

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March 2014:

14th Annual APGTF Workshop 2014: 'The Role of Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Providing Flexible Generation'

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

February 2013:

13th Annual APGTF Workshop 2013: 'Carbon Capture & Storage – a Showcase of UK Research & Development’

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

March 2011:

2nd Knowledge Transfer Network Workshop on National Ambitions for Power Generation in the UK.

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.


IPA CCS Skills Study

In 2010, Doosan Babcock, in conjunction with the Industrial and Power Association (IPA), conducted an assessment of the economic benefits, employment possibilities and skills needs arising from a major global programme of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Download the IPA CCS Skills Study document.

APGTF with the Coal Research Forum, the UK CCS Research Centre and the Energy Generation & Supply KTN

The 13th Annual APGTF Workshop: 'Carbon Capture & Storage – a Showcase of UK Research and Development'

'1VS' (1 Victoria Street) Conference Centre,Westminster, London | Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st February 2013

Day 1: Researching ‘Future Generation’ CCS and Associated Technologies

09:30-10:00 Registration and refreshments
10:00 Welcome and introduction, Philip Sharman, APGTF Chair
10:10 Overview of the UK’s CCS R&D Programme, Matthew Billson, DECC
10:25 Keynote talk 1: CCS in the UK - Direction of Travel, Chris Pook, BIS
Part 1 ‘Future Generation’ CCS and Related Technology Research [Chair: Philip Sharman, APGTF]
10:45 Research Councils’ Energy Programme initiatives, David Delpy, EPSRC
11:00 The UK CCS Research Centre, Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC
11:15 ‘Flex-e Plant’ – the Future Conventional Power Consortium, Rachel Thomson, Flex-e Plant Consortium
11:30 Research Council’s Energy Programme – Activity Summary, Jacqui Williams, EPSRC
11:45 The CO2Chem Network, Nora De Neeuw, CO2Chem
12:00 The Biomass and Fossil Fuel Research Alliance, Greg Kelsall, BF2RA
12:10 Q&A and discussion
12:10 Lunch and poster display
Part 1 (cont.)
‘Future Generation’ CCS and Related Technology Research [Chair: Jacqui Williams, EPSRC]
13:30 Gas-brine-rock interactions during an EOR injection phase, Mike Bickle, University of Cambridge
13:40 New solvents: new solutions, Paul Fennell, Imperial College London
13:50 Solid looping cycles for energy applications, John Oakey, Cranfield University
14:00 Developing solid sorbents for CCS, Trevor Drage, University of Nottingham
14:10 Evaluating North Sea storage capacity: managed water production & EOR vs. storage, Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh
14:20 Impacts and monitoring of CO2 flow in marine systems: The 'QICS' release project, Jerry Blackford, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
14:30 CO2 pipeline transportation: technical and safety challenges, Haroun Mahgerefteh, University College London
14:40 Integration of CCS with gas turbines, Richard Marsh, University of Cardiff
14:50 Gas – Future advanced capture technology options, Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Leeds
15:00 - 15:20 Refreshment break
Part 1 (cont.) ‘Future Generation’ CCS and Related Technology Research [Chair: Greg Kelsall, Alstom]
15:20 CCS Systems Modelling Toolkit project (ETI), Mark Matzopoulos/Adekola Lawal, Process Systems Enterprise
15:30 UK Storage Appraisal Project and future developments (ETI/The Crown Estate/BGS), Sam Holloway, BGS and Tom Mallows, TCE
15:40 Pilot-scale Advanced Capture Technologies (PACT) Facilities (DECC), Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Leeds
15:50 Industry perspectives: Feedback on the importance and direction of CCS research, Mike Farley, Mike Farley Consulting
16:10 Panel discussion with speakers from the day – what else could/should we be researching? Chaired by Philip Sharman, APGTF
17:00-18:00 Reception (hosted by the Energy Generation & Supply Knowledge Transfer Network)


Day 2: Developing ‘Next Generation’ CCS Technology

08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:00 Vice-Chair's introduction, Jeremy Carey, APGTF Vice-Chair (acting)
09:10 Keynote talk 2: De-risking CCS – Now or Never?, David Clarke, ETI
Part 2 Next Generation CCS Technology Applied R&D
09:30 The Investors, Matthew Billson, DECC; Derek Allen, TSB; Andrew Green, ETI
Part 2(a) CO2 Capture Projects [Chair: Derek Allen, TSB]
09:50 Next Generation Capture Technology for Coal (ETI), Bryony Livesey, Costain
10:00 E-WAGs - CO2 Capture using Water Gas Shift (TSB), Jim Abbot, Johnson Matthey
10:10 The NetPower System Project (DECC), Robb Kirchner, NetPower
10:20 Next Generation Capture Technology for Gas (ETI), Jim Cooper/Richard Smith, Howden
10:30-10:50 Refreshment break
10:50 C-Capture: Step change solvent technology for CCS, Richard Dennis, C-Capture
11:00 Carbon Clean Solutions – new solvent for post-combustion capture (DECC), Aniruddha Sharma, Carbon Clean Solutions Limited
11:10 Ferrybridge CC100+ Pilot Project (TSB/DECC), Jeremy Carey, SSE
11:20 Millennium Generation (TSB/DECC), Brian Sweeney, Calix
11:30 Carbon-Water Exchange Capture Technology (DECC), Sharif Hendawi, Future Environmental Technologies (FET) Group
11:40 OxyCoalTM burner technology development (DECC), David Sturgeon, Doosan Power Systems
11:50 Aberthaw Pilot Capture Plant, David Carlton, RWE
12:00 Keynote talk 3: Cost reduction potential in CCS systems, Jeff Chapman, CCSA
12:20-13:20 Lunch and poster display
Part 2(b) CO2 Transport, Metering and Clusters [Chair: Matthew Billson, DECC]
13:20 COOLTRANS – Introduction and overview, Julian Barnett, National Grid
13:30 Clusters, James Watt, AMEC
13:40 Understanding Metering (DECC), Robert Sale
Part 2(c) CO2 Storage, Monitoring and Verification [Session Chair: Andrew Green, ETI]
13:50 Understanding Risks (DECC), Claus Otto, Shell
14:00 The SeaSequestor Project (TSB), David Bone, Ocean Resource Ltd
14:10 Innovative Monitoring (DECC), Paul Williams, Premier Oil
14:20 C-SAVE (TSB), Allan Peart, Signal Group
14:30 CO2 Monitoring – NASCOM (TSB), Tony Espie, BP
14:40-15:00 Refreshment break
Part 2(d) CO2 Utilisation [Chair: Judith Shapiro, CCSA]
15:00 CO2 use in plastic materials (DECC), Michael Kember, Econic
15:10 Carbonation technology for building materials, Colin Hills, Carbon8 Systems Ltd
15:20 Creating high-value chemicals from CO2 using novel algae and bioreactor technology (DECC), David Hogg, CO2 Sequestration Ltd
15:30 CO2 to synthetic methane for natural gas substitution and gas grid injection (DECC), John Newton, ITM Power Ltd
Part 3 Next steps? [Chair: Philip Sharman, APGTF Chair]
15:40 Keynote talk 4: Enabling the roll-out of CCS through the Electricity Market Reform, Ashley Ibbett, Office of CCS, DECC
16:00 Panel discussion with speakers from the day Chaired by Philip Sharman, APGTF
16:50 Round-up and close of workshop (17:00)


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