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APGTF Strategy 2014

Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century – Moving Forward

A technology strategy for carbon capture and storage. January 2014.

Available for download here.

Past Events

December 2016:

Workshop: Power generation (coal, gas, and biomass) under increasingly stringent emissions regulations, 6th December.

The presentations are now available to view and download from the CRF website.

October 2015:

Carbon Capture and Storage: What role for R&D in delivering cost-competitive CCS projects in the UK in the 2020's?

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March 2014:

14th Annual APGTF Workshop 2014: 'The Role of Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Providing Flexible Generation'

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

February 2013:

13th Annual APGTF Workshop 2013: 'Carbon Capture & Storage – a Showcase of UK Research & Development’

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

March 2011:

2nd Knowledge Transfer Network Workshop on National Ambitions for Power Generation in the UK.

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.


IPA CCS Skills Study

In 2010, Doosan Babcock, in conjunction with the Industrial and Power Association (IPA), conducted an assessment of the economic benefits, employment possibilities and skills needs arising from a major global programme of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Download the IPA CCS Skills Study document.

The 14th Annual APGTF Workshop - 'The Role of Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Providing Flexible Generation'

'1VS' (1 Victoria Street) Conference Centre,Westminster, London |Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th March 2014

Day 1 Fossil Fuels - balancing the drivers for flexibility and lower carbon

09:30-10:00 Registration and refreshments
10:00 Welcome and introduction, Philip Sharman, APGTF Chair
10:15 Keynote talk 1:  Strategic Assessment of the Role and Value of Generation and Storage Flexibility in Low Carbon Energy Futures, Prof Goran Strbac,  Professor of Electrical Energy Systems, Imperial College London
10:45 Keynote talk 2:  Managing the Grid of the Future Phil Lawton, Future System Operations Manager, National Grid
 Part 1 Flexible Fossil Fuel Fired Power Plant [Session Chair: Bryony Livesey, Costain]
11:15 Energy Research Partnership study – Flexibility and the Value of Reserve, Response and Inertia, Andy Boston, ERP
11:35 Flexible Fossil Fuel Power Generation –  A Manufacturer's Perspective, Greg Kelsall, Alstom
11:55 The EPSRC Future Conventional Power Consortium, Prof Simon Hogg, Durham University
12:15 The Prospects for new CCGTs in the UK, Sorcha Schnittger, SSE
12:35 The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in CCS and Cleaner Fossil Energy – an announcement, Anup Patel, University of Nottingham
12:45 - 13:45 Lunch
Part 2 Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK – an Update [Session Chair: Philip Sharman, APGTF]
13:45 Launching the APGTF's CCS Technology Strategy, Philip Sharman, APGTF
13:50 Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century – Moving Forward, Ashley Ibbett, Chief Executive, Office of Carbon Capture and Storage, DECC

CCS Commercialisation Programme UpdateJennifer Guy, Capture Power Ltd
The White Rose and Peterhead FEED Studies, Charlie Samuda, Shell

14:30 The APGTF's Strategy – Key Messages, Mike Farley, APGTF Consultant
15:00-15:20 Refreshment break
Part 3 Lowering Carbon, Maintaining Flexibility [Session Chair: Judith Shapiro, CCSA]
15:20 Optimisation of Post-combustion CCS for Flexible Operation, Niall Mac Dowell, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
15:40 CCS and Flexibility – a Toolkit for Assessing the Impact of Whole-chain CCS Issues  on Flexibility, Laurence Robinson, E.ON
16:00 CCS Chain Integration, James Watt, AMEC
16:20 CO2 Capture from Industrial Source , Sarah Tennison, Tees Valley Unlimited
16:40-17:30 Panel Discussion [Panel Chair: Philip Sharman, APGTF]
17:30-18:30 Reception (hosted by the Energy Generation & Supply Knowledge Transfer Network)


Day 2 - Alternatives for Meeting the Flexibility Requirement

09:00-09:30 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Chair's introductionGreg Kelsall, APGTF Vice-Chair
09:40 Keynote talk 3:A Decade to Develop and Prove our OptionsJo Coleman, Strategy Director, ETI
Part 4 Fossil Fuels and Bioenergy (thermal) [Session Chair: Greg Kelsall, Alstom and BF2RA]
10:10 The Role of BiomassBen Anthony, Cranfield University
10:30 The Sustainability of Biomass for Co-firingDeborah Adams, IEA Clean Coal Centre
10:50 BF2RA Biomass Projects , Peter Sage, BF2RA
11:10-11:35 Refreshment break
Part 4 (cont.) Fossil Fuels and Bioenergy (thermal) [Session Chair: Stuart Mitchell, Doosan Babcock]
11:35 SUstainable PowER GENeration from Bioenergy, John Broderick, SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub
11:55 The Firing and Co-firing of Biomass in Pulverised Coal-fired Boilers, William Livingston, Doosan Babcock Ltd
12:15 Biomass Supply Chain Issues for Power, Richard Taylor, E4tech
12:35 The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Bioenergy –  an announcement, Prof Paul Williams, University of Leeds
12:45–13:45 Lunch
Part 5 Longer-term approaches to Clean Energy Systems [Session Chair: Liz Flint, TSB]
13:45 Advanced Plasma Gasification Systems – Current and Emerging Technologies,Ben Herbert, Stopford Energy & Environment
14:05 Bio-CCSJasmin Kemper, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
14:25 Power-to-Gas and Methanation – pathways to a 'Hydrogen Economy', John Newton, ITM Power
14:45 Energy Storage for Flexibility: Regulatory and Market Challenges, Prof Richard Green, Professor of Sustainable Energy Business, Imperial College London
15:05 The TSB's Energy Systems Catapult – an update, Liz Flint, TSB
15:20-15:40 Refreshment break
Part 6 Putting it all Together – a Systems Perspective [Session Chair:  Philip Sharman]
15:40 Keynote talk 4:  Putting it all Together – a UK Energy Systems PerspectiveProf Jim Watson, UKERC
16:10-17:00 Panel Discussion [Panel Chair: Philip Sharman, APGTF]
17:00 Close