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APGTF Strategy 2014

Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century – Moving Forward

A technology strategy for carbon capture and storage. January 2014.

Available for download here.

Past Events

December 2016:

Workshop: Power generation (coal, gas, and biomass) under increasingly stringent emissions regulations, 6th December.

The presentations are now available to view and download from the CRF website.

October 2015:

Carbon Capture and Storage: What role for R&D in delivering cost-competitive CCS projects in the UK in the 2020's?

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March 2014:

14th Annual APGTF Workshop 2014: 'The Role of Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Providing Flexible Generation'

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

February 2013:

13th Annual APGTF Workshop 2013: 'Carbon Capture & Storage – a Showcase of UK Research & Development’

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.

March 2011:

2nd Knowledge Transfer Network Workshop on National Ambitions for Power Generation in the UK.

The Agenda and presentations for the above Workshop are now available to view and download.


IPA CCS Skills Study

In 2010, Doosan Babcock, in conjunction with the Industrial and Power Association (IPA), conducted an assessment of the economic benefits, employment possibilities and skills needs arising from a major global programme of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Download the IPA CCS Skills Study document.

CO2 Capture and Storage Mission to USA and Canada 2002

Feedback Event, DTI Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Road | London, 15th January 2003

The energy sector is likely to see dramatic changes in the future driven by concerns over security of supply and global warming. One consequence of this is the increasing interest and activity in CO2 capture, transport and storage. In particular, the PIU Energy Review, the DTI ‘Review of the case for Government Support for Cleaner Coal Technology Demonstration Plant’ and the Chief Scientific Advisor’s ‘Review of UK Energy R&D Needs’, all undertaken within the last year, all recommend CO2 capture and storage as an area warranting attention.

The Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF), in collaboration with LOGIC (Leading Oil and Gas industry Competitiveness) and with sponsorship from the DTI, is leading a high level Mission to the USA and Canada on CO2 Capture from Power Plant and Geological Sequestration with Enhanced Oil/Coalbed Methane Recovery Options. The Mission is focusing particularly on technologies that have been (or are being) developed, demonstrated or deployed in North America that could be applied for CO2 capture and sequestration in the UK.

This Feedback Event is the major dissemination activity for the Mission and it is designed to help a wide variety of organisations improve their strategic thinking in this rapidly developing area. In particular delegates should benefit from:

  • Improving awareness of activities in the USA and Canada (world leaders in this area)
  • Opportunities for developing collaboration and technology transfer
  • Insights into UK opportunities for CO2 capture and storage both on- and off-shore
  • Gaining a better idea of the costs involved
  • Relevant information on environmental risk analyses

The seminar will consist of presentations by the UK participants in the Mission covering the main areas of interest; there will also be opportunities for discussion and questions. Following this Feedback Event, a Mission Report will be produced and circulated to all delegates.

The Workshop should be of interest to: R and D workers in the field; strategy and technology managers; representatives of funding agencies; policy makers etc. Representatives would be expected from universities and industry, including the supply chain and the oil/gas industry.

Download the mission report here.